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Clostridia are part of the normal gut flora but when elevated they cause disturbancies. Normally the abundance of clostridia is roughly 10-15%. The group Clostridia also contains pathogens such as Clostridium difficile.

Certain species of Clostridia are linked to energy metabolism in the gut. They utilize vegatables, fat and carbohydrates. Because clostridia are efficient metabolizers of energy, the number of calories extracted from food is easily elevated. Many studies show that overweight people have as much as 30-35% clostridia in their gut.

The abundance of clostridia has also been shown to be elevated after the use of antibiotics. Clostridia are tolerant towards antibiotics unlike beneficial bacteria. Clostridia shelter against harmful circumstances by forming spores. When the conditions improve the spores germinate into viable bacteria. High numbers of clostridia can be fought with bacterial supplementation and by adding fibers to the diet.


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