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GutIndex® microbiota analyses

The balance of gut microbiota and the relative abundancies of bacterial groups have an effect on our wellbeing, immune defence and gut function. The relative abundancies of different bacterial groups differ in different age groups and this affects the microbial balance of the gut. Key bacterial groups in each test have been chosen based on scientific research.

GutIndex® BENE analysis of the beneficial gut bacteria

This test determines the beneficial bacteria of your gut (3 different bacterial groups) and
allows you to follow the changes in gut microbiota caused by the changes in diet and probiotic products.

65,00 €

GutIndex® TOTAL comprehensive gut microbiota analysis

A comprehensive test of the gut microbiota. This analysis determines 8 groups of key bacterial groups of the gut and the possible presence of yeast.

149,00 €

GutIndex® VISKE gut microbiota analysis related metabolism

This test determines the bacteria related to energy metabolism and the accumulation of visceral fat. The analysis covers 5 bacterial groups that have been shown to be linked to visceral fat accumulation. Analysis is based on a EU patent.

149,00 €

Take the sample at home

After ordering you receive a GutIndex® test kit via mail. The sample can taken easily at home. The package contains clear instructions and sample taking aids. Please send the the sample back to us using the same package.

GutGuide analyses your sample

Your sample is analysed in our laboratory using flow cytometry. Flow cytometry determines the beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria and their relations. The result is defined with a GutIndex® which compares the result to our reference data of healthy adults.

Read the results from your account

The results of the analysis are presented in your own gutguide account. In addition to the GutIndex® number the most important bacterial groups are reported. Our microbiologists also provide recommendations and tips to optimize your gut microbiota.

OMA GutGuide: your data is secure

GutGuide is operated in servers which are subject to the european GDPR-laws. Our processes make sure that your information is completely secure and only you have access to your GutIndex® profile.

SSL encrypted pages and orders

Sample analysis done in the GutGuide laboratory in Salo, Finland

Data processing and storage on secure servers with round-the-clock monitoring

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