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GutIndex®TOTAL analysis of bacterial balance in the gut

A gut microbiota test which depicts the levels of beneficial bacteria and non-beneficial bacteria in the gut. The analysis determines 8 bacterial groups and possible yeast that are essential to gut health.




What the analysis reveals:

  • 1. beneficial bacteria 2. normal bacteria but non-beneficial when overly represented ja 3. non-beneficial bacteria.
  • Levels of beneficial bacteria in reference to target levels. Target reference collected from healthy people over 18.
  • Indication of possible yeast in the gut.
  • Recommendations of the expertise in microbiology to restore bacterial balance if target levels are not reached.


Product description:

GutIndex® gut microbiota test analyses the balance between groups of gut microbiota. Order the test, take the sample at home and send to our laboratory to be analysed. Results can be read directly from your OMA GutGuide account in We analyse the balance between beneficial and non-beneficial. This balance is determined with our GutIndex-number which is tied together with a healthy reference population. If your index is not optimal, our experts recommend products and measures to remedy the situation.

Taking the test is easy. After ordering the analysis, you receive the test kit in the mail. Taking the sample is easy and the sample can be then mailed back to our laboratory. GutGuide uses flow cytometry, a reliable and patented method, to analyse the sample.

When the result is ready to be read on your own account in, you receive a e-mail -notification. The results are ready roughly 2 weeks after we receive the sample.






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