Gutguide offers microbiological analysis and services for research groups, companies and private individuals and develops products for mouth and intestinal health.

Gutguide Ltd. was founded in 2012 by Finnish microbiologists. Gutguide´s laboratory is situated in Halikko, about 120 km from Helsinki. At Gutguide´s lab the patented flow cytometric technology is used in the research of mouth and intestinal microbiota and in product development of microbiological products. Gutguide Lab offers microbiological analysis for research, professionals in healthcare, companies and private individuals (personal Gutindex).

The interest in intestinal microbiota has grown fast since the 1990’s. Research has been slow because of the huge variation and number of bacterial species (over 1200) in the intestinal tract and the lack of fast and accurate methods. With new methods (modern biotech) the knowledge is increasing and the connections between the human microbiota and different disorders is opening up. Many scientific studies linking for example IBS, IBD, Crohn´s disease and celiac disease to an unbalanced microbiota have already been published.

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Gutguide - Sytometri prosessi

GutGuide laboratory services are based on patented flow cytometric analysis

Examples of Gutguides´s analyses:

  • The viability and shelflife of bacteria and yeasts in different pharmaceutical products (tablets, capsules, oils etc.). In addition to viable cells, dead cells are also counted in this analysis and the effect of different production methods can be tested in the product development.
  • The analysis of different bacterial species both in faecal and saliva samples (human and animal samples)

Cytometry is a fast, accurate and cost-efficient method

The biggest hurdle in microbiota research has been slow, labour extensive, expensive and inaccurate analytical methods as well as stability of stool and saliva samples. With Gutguide´s patented flowcytometric technology we can detect bacterial groups, spesific species or yeasts based on their chemical and physical features – thousands of cells within a second. Every cell is counted and this makes the cytometric method very accurate.

The stability of the sample is essential for accurate results. Gutguide has developed its own procedure for sampling at home and stabilizing liquid for stool and saliva samples. The stability is up to 5 days. This provides the possibility for easy sampling at home and sending the personal sample via normal post to our laboratory.

Gutguide databank of intestinal microbiota

Gutguide has collected and is collecting its own databank on the intestinal microbiota of healthy Finnish adults. This databank is used as reference for interpreting personal results (=Gutindex reference data). The personal Gutindex is calculated by comparing the individual results to the average values of this databank.