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GutGuide was founded by finnish microbiologists

Gutguide´s lab in Salo houses all our analyses and R&D.

Gutguide provides microbiological analyses for research, companies, healthcare professionals and private customers.

GutGuide Oy is a company founded by finnish microbiologist in 2012. Gutguide uses patented flow cytometry in microbial analyses and R&D. GutGuide-laboratory offers analysis services for research, companies, healthcare professionals and private customers. Read more about our tests (in finnish).

Cytometry analyses gut microbiota fast, accurately and effectively.

The biggest problems in microbiota research have been slow, laborious, expensive and inaccurate methods and also the viability of the stool sample. The patented cytometry-method allows us to determine bacterial groups or individual strains based on their genomics. Cytometry enables cell counting very accurately. Gutguide works together with BD Biosciences in cytometry.

Examples of analysis services based on cytometry:

  • Flow-cytometric analysis of gut microflora from stool or saliva.
  • Easy-to-read GutIndex, which depicts the balance of the gut microflora in reference to a database of healthy adults.
  • Sampling of stool where the sample stays viable for 7 days and enables home sampling and shipping to our laboratory.

GutGuide: database of healthy adults.

GutGuide maintains a database of healthy gut microflora of healthy adults. This database is used to interpret the GutIndex test results. A personal GutIndex in calculated by comparing the results to the reference database.

Database Comparative Groups: 18-50 adults, +50-year-old, children of different ages (coming).

Comparison groups consist of healthy, mixed food -eating individuals who have no illness, medication or overweight.

The database contains a reference of intestinal bacteria to the following diseases: IBS or irritated bowel, celiac disease, overweight, rheumatism, atopy and mood (low serotonin level).

GutGuide research: connection of mouth and gut microbiota to overall health

Interest towards microbiota research has increased significantly in the past decades. The research has been slowed down by the big number of species and slow research methods. Emergence of new methods has enabled the increased knowledge on microbial species and connections between these bacteria and various disorders have been verified. International studies connecting for example inflammatory gut disorders (IBS, IBD, Crohn´s disease and celiac disease), obesity, diabetes, depression and rheumatoid arthritis to bacteria have been conducted.

Examples of gutguide´s research:

  • Balance of gut microbiota and connections to obesity, celiac disease, visceral fat, rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, inflammated gut (IBD, Crohns´s disease) and diet.
  • The balance between beneficial and non-beneficial mouth and pharyngial microbes of adults and kids.
  • The connection between oral microbiota, inflammation and halitosis in pets.
  • Development of bacterial products for different target groups and for different symptoms is based on knowhow of research.