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GutGuide tests are easy and quick to take.

After ordering the analysis, the sampling kit will be sent to you in a few days. Please take the sample on a sunday or monday and ship back to us within 24h of taking the sample. The results with expert recommendations will be readable in your Gutguide account in about 2 weeks after we receive the sample.

01 Order analysis that that suits you.
The sampling kit will be sent to you via mail. Please note, that the tube solution’s has a final expiry date.

02 Take the sample on Sunday or on Monday, and send the sample as express delivery as soon as possible. This ensures that the sample arrives at the laboratory by mail within the shelf life of the tube solution (7 days). Open the package and take out the sample tube and feces catcher.

03 Open the feces catcher carefully and place it in the back of the toilet seat and defecate.

04 Take a sample (a large pea-sized sample) with the spoon and place it in the tube. If your feces is watery, you may take more than one spoonful. Close the lid carefully.

05 Don´t spill or remove the liquid in the tube. If the liquid comes to contact with skin, rinse with water and soap. If irritation continues, please contact a doctor. Do not send the sample back without the liquid but instead request a new tube.

06 Detach the feces catcher by folding its edges together. Place in the toilet bowl. Wait for the paper to soften and flush.

07 Place the sampling tube back to the pouch (do not remove the absorbent paper). Place the pouch back in the sampling box and write your name and sampling day on the inside cover.

08 Seal the sampling box so that the cover with Gutguide´s address is on the outside. Tape the box shut with the striped sticker and return to the post office or mailbox withing 24h of taking the sample. Shipping has already been paid by us. Click here for the closest post office location.

09 You will be notified by e-mail when the results are ready. You can then view your results and recommendations on your Gutguide account. Results are found under “Your Index”.