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IMMUNOhoney -honey products

Now is a good time to start immuno therapy and microbial treatment for next spring´s pollen season.

IMMUNOhoney -organic honey for pollen immunotherapy is a food supplement and it is used for sensitization of birch,willow, mugwort and alder. This honey is made by bees in specialized nests from where the pollen and microbes are collected into honey in controllable quantitites. The diverse plant microbiota supports the immune system and desensitization through the gut.

IMMUNOhoney -microbe-rich organic honey is a dietary supplement and is meant to diversify the undiverse microbiota of the gut. Microbially active, unprocessed organic honey contains honey collected and processed by bees. The plants contain wide selection of bacterial species lacking from an urban environment. According to scientific studies, roughly 50% of the lactic acid bacteria in this product are lactobacilli. This product contains pollen from summer flowers but NOT from trees flowering in the spring. The manufacturing process of IMMUNOhoney products is the result of years of development by Kerimesi -honey company.

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