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GutGuide® expands its range of intestinal products

In late April, GutGuide® will expand its range of intestinal products. Bacterial strains and fibers isolated from different sources have different effects, as each person’s gut microbiota is unique and reacts to both, the bacterial species and the fibers we eat individually. Bacteria and fiber products are also suitable to use together, as the fibers act as a nutrient of the bacteria and support their function in gut.

Product should be used singly about 3-4 weeks. During this time, the microbiota has time to change and the effects can be noticed in gut symptoms and function. The balance of the intestinal microbiota can also be mapped by GutINDEX analysis, which also includes recommendations from a microbiologist to optimize the gut balance.

New GutGuide® intestinal products are manufactured in Finland and, in addition to the GutGuide online store, they will be available in Aito stores from May 2020.

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