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Dissertation: Bacterial constructs of the gut have an impact on metabolic disorders

FM Eveliina Munukka demonstrated in her dissertation 11.3.2016 that the bacterial microbiota of overweight adults with a metabolic disorder differs from the bacterial microbiota of healthy, normal or overweight adults with normal metabolism. The gut of the people with the disorder had a higher number of bacteria from the Clostridium XIV –group and a smaller number of Faecalibacterium prausnitzii compared to healthy adults. The study material of Munukka was acquired with the same analytical method that GutGuide uses. Eveliina Munukka was born in 1977 and passed her matriculation examination in 1996 in Myllykoski highschool in Kouvola. She carried out her university degree (FM) in the university of Turku in 2008. The field of the dissertation is medical microbiology.

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