Order this quick test that concentrates on the useful bacteria in the gut when you want to find out whether or not the levels of these bacteria are sufficient. Your sample will be analysed in Gutguide´s laboratory. The analysis helps determine if your diet supports these good bacteria or if your microbiota has recovered from medication such as antibiotics.

Price: 60,00 

Gutindex mini – gut microbiota test will tell you:

  • The ratio between the biggest bacterial groups in the gut compared to values of the healthy reference population in finland.
  • The levels of bifidobacteria and Faecalibacterium prausnitzii in the gut. The levels of these groups in a healthy gut is approximately 20-25%.
  • Recommendations and further proceedings to balance the microbiota.
Product description

Gutindex MINI -analysis yields the levels of useful bacteria in the gut. The analysis determines the levels of the most important bifidobacteria (for example Bifidobacterium longum, B. lactis, B. breve, B. adolescentis, B. bifidum jne.). The levels of bifidobacteria in a healthy gut in around 10% and the selection of bacteria is personal. The analysis also determines the levels of the important bacterium Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, which also constitutes around 10-15% of the healthy gut flora. These bacteria in the gut are essential for the immune system, the microvillus of the gut surface, vitamin production as well as the production of short chain fatty acids.

The levels of the previously mentioned bacteria, help determine whether or not one´s diet supports the survival of these bacteria. According to the analysis, Gutguide will give recommendations that help improve the situation.

GutGuide -microbiota test is easy to take at home. After ordering the test, you receive the test package within 5 days. Taking the feces sample at home is simple and you can use the same package to send your sample back to the GutGuide laboratory by normal post. Please see, collecting the sample. GutGuide uses a reliable and patented analysis method (Flow cytometry) to analyse the samples.

You receive a notification to your e-mail when your results are ready to be read in your own account at our website.