GUTINDEX visc – risk of overweight

Order this microbiota test when you want to know whether your gut microbiota balance is connected to risk of overweight/abdominal obesity.

Price: 149,00 

GUTINDEX visc – risk of overweight test:

Your sample is analyzed in GutGuide´s laboratory and as a result you receive:

  • Unwanted and beneficial (wanted) bacteria of your gut widely determined.
  • Balance between different bacterial species as a GutIndex value, which displays your result in relation to a normal average range of healthy adults.
  • Recommendations from our microbiologists to improve the microbiota balance – if your GutIndex number is below normal.

Product description

GutIndex microbiota analysis determines the balance between the beneficial and unwanted bacterial species in the gut. Order the test to your home, send a feces sample in the normal mail for analysis and read the results directly from your own account on our website. GutGuide laboratory analyses the unwanted and beneficial bacteria in your sample and their ratio. This ratio is then compared to our reference data of healthy adults. This comparison yields your personal GutIndex. If your GutIndex is not in the normal range, you will receive recommendations from our experts.

GutGuide -microbiota test is easy to take at home. After ordering the test, you receive the test package within 5 days. Taking the feces sample at home is simple and you can use the same package to send your sample back to the GutGuide laboratory by normal post. Please see, collecting the sample. GutGuide uses a reliable and patented analysis method (Flow cytometry) to analyse the samples.

You receive a notification to your e-mail when your results are ready to be read in your own account at our website.