GutGuide conducts research uncovering the connections between mouth and gut microbiota to different microbiological disorders.

GutGuide´s research focuses on individual mouth and gut microbiotas and their connections to different disorders. GutGuide cooperates with universities´ research groups. Based on the research results new analytical methods, tools and microbiological products are developed.

Research areas in focus

  • The balance of gut microbiota and its connection to obesity, celiac disease, fatty liver, rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, IBD and diet.
  • The balance of good and bad bacteria in the mouth of adults and children
  • The connection between inflammation and bad breath to the mouth microbiota of pets.
  • Product development of different microbiological products for different target groups.

Analytical methods and tools used

  • Patented flow-cytometric detection of bacterial families and species especially from faecas and saliva
  • Easy-to-read mouth and gut Indexes (GutIndex and MouthIndex) which determine the personal microbial balance in relation to average adults.
  • Home test which allows a sample to be taken at home and be sent to our lab via normal mail. The sample stays unaltered for 5 days in our GutGuide- sample solution. Results and recommendations from our professionals arrive in one´s personal account within 2 weeks from receiving the sample.
  • Viabilty analysis of different forms of probiotic products (viable and dead cells analyzed)

Already developed products

  • ProVillus lactic acid bacteria product
  • Xylo-oligosaccharide XOS fiber
  • Toothguide product family
  • BifidoMAX -raw chocolate bar containing beneficial bacteria


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